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Lisa is a Registered Holistic Nutritional Health Coach and a Registered Holistic Nutritional Practioner. She received her education from Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, British Columbia and is registered with The Canadian Health Coach Alliance. Lisa began exploring the possibility that food has the capacity to heal after losing both parents to cancer. Lisa advocates for no BS nutrition & is very passionate about challenging the diet industry & being part of the conversation to effect change. 

Dawn Donalson is a native southerner transplanted to the rocky mountain area on the Western Slope of Colorado.   She pushes through life with grit and determination, having experienced and overcome some severe childhood illnesses, and learning disabilities and now raises seven free-range farm children, grandchildren and animals with her husband of 24 years on their 5-acre spread in northeast Grand Junction. Through her business, Shag Valley Farms, Dawn promotes Healthy Traditions for Healthy Families ranging from home-school lessons, nutrition, and homeopathic remedies.  Her family adheres to a diet centered around gut-health to promote overall physical and neurological health and healing, and her animals are raised on pasture grass and a feed formulated without soy, GMO's or corn.  

Dawn has been sharing her stories of suffering and success about the GAPs Diet with friends and customers for years and is excited to become certified so she can expand her business and spread the information throughout the community.


Dairy Culturing

Presented by Live Well with Lisa

& Shag Valley Farms

Come join us for a fun and informative 2 Hour Workshop where we teach you how to ferment raw dairy. You'll learn how to make your own yogurt, kefir, sour cream, & cream fraiche. You'll get to try some delicious, healthy, probiotic foods and you'll take home a yogurt and/or kefir starter to begin experimenting at home! We'll introduce you to the microbiome & show you way's to strengthen your immune system. 

Price: $25

Date & Time: April 4th, 2020 10am-12-pm

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Love Your Gut 

Presented by Live Well with Lisa

& Shag Valley Farms



Did you know that the word inflammation has its roots in the Latin word inflammare, meaning “to set on fire”?  Inflammation is a reaction designed to protect us after an injury or an infection and is a completely normal process. The injured area becomes red, swollen, hot, and painful.

But there is another type of inflammation that isn’t as obvious and is much more insidious. It’s called chronic or silent inflammation. Chronic inflammation breaks down our bodies and makes us more susceptible to disease. Inflammation forces us to alter our daily lives. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet is abundant in foods that cause chronic inflammation and compromise the immune system.


Having a healthy gut is the path to optimal wellness.


Come join us for a fun and informative 2 Hour Workshop where we talk about all things gut related. We will be serving delicious gut healthy foods! We will be focusing on diet and lifestyle factors that lead to health problems, ways to reduce inflammation, & how to strengthen your immune system.



  • What is the microbiome?

  • Leaky gut syndrome

  • Chronic disease

  • Inflammatory triggers

  • Diet & lifestyle

  • Prebiotics & Probiotics

  • Fermented Foods


Price: $

Date & Time: TBD

Fermented Foods

Presented by Live Well with Lisa

& Shag Valley Farms

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